We feature one of the nicest, cleanest state-of-the-art swimming pools in any residential complex in Goa.  Open from dawn till dusk, the pool is kept immaculate due to constant water treatment, cleaning and replenishment.  Kindly help us keep the pool clean by adhering to our pool rules.

We would like to remind Guests of the Swim Suit Requirements for the Pool

1. Swim suits are required in the pool. All types of proper swim suits with varying degrees of coverage are easily available in the market.

2. The following attire is not allowed in the pool:
“Street clothes”, cut-off jeans, jeans, skirts, shorts, sport bras, leotards, leggings, sweat absorbing wear, shapewear, punjabi suits, kurtas, salwars, kameez are prohibited.

Underwear and undergarments are not allowed to be worn under swimsuits.

3. All infants/toddlers that require a diaper should wear swimmer diapers (both disposable and reusable swim diapers are available, for example, in Amazon.in)

Guests often ask, “Why do I have to wear proper swimwear?”

Here are just a few reasons as to why it is important to only wear pool attire in the pool:

1. Street clothes (even nylon) can transport airborne and ultimately water borne contaminants into the pool. While many proper swim suits are indeed made of nylon, every day nylon “street clothes” appear as just “street clothes” to other Guests, who mistakenly believe such clothing is allowed.

2. Materials that are not meant for pool use can break down in the water and cause fibers to clog filters.

3. Any “colored” material (unless specifically made for swimming) can bleed into the pool, affecting water chemistry and balance. This is also a reason for cloudy/”green”/dirty water in pools.

4. Materials that are not specifically meant for pools can absorb the chemicals in the water, causing the water to become less effective at maintaining the proper chemical balance or may cloud/dirty the water.

5. Higher levels of water contamination require higher dose of chemicals (which is harmful for skin and hair) or the entire pool water needs changing.

Let’s Save Water, let’s Save the Planet!